YA YA Farm and Orchard had their website originally built by another agency in the area. After some precipitous dips in their SEO and a few months of a not-so-responsive web designer, they reached out to us to find a few solutions.

After a handful of months under our care, they have begun to reclaim their rankings on Google, and their regular traffic. 

They fell victim to a common problem with inexperienced web designers – they don’t know SEO from their elbows. This other web professional had neglected to implement 301-Redirects and other necessary precautions that tell search engines, “Hey, this page you’re familiar with is found at this address now.”

As soon as the new website was live, Google couldn’t find the pages it had been indexing for nearly a decade… they were gone… without a trace. So Google assumed the site was gone, too.

The thing about SEO is that Google isn’t trying to be a bully. They’re trying to make their product the best it can be.

Which means that these kind of mistakes can be rectified pretty easily if they’re caught soon enough. If your site has years and years of reputation with Google and a web designer screws up your rankings, in most cases, not all is lost.

YA YA is a working farm and orchard. They have a fruit and vegetable CSA, an unbelievably in-demand you-pick-it orchard, and they host a handful of Summer and Harvest events. They’re also a wedding venue, run a farm stand, and make Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts.

They have daily traffic in the hundreds, and their website and hosting can take the heat.