N Line Electric is another one of those clients we’ve had since the Longmont Website Solutions days. They’re one of the earliest sites we built, and one of our first rebuilds!

Industrial Website Design

The success of our first, small-scale site for N Line Electric persuaded them to invest in a more substantial site with a deeper knowledge-base and even better SEO.

This time around all the photography would be original, and we were lucky to work with a local photographer, Paul Marcotte.

The key features here were a strong commitment to research-led copywriting and to an easily-navigable and straightforward site. The writing was challenging: very few sites in this arena are well-written and the traditional resources such as Wikipedia are too in-depth for a succinct read. We worked hard to give the site a high Google readability score and a Flesch-Kincaid index that wasn’t too tough on the brain.

The new look – which shares nothing in common with our previous site – has helped position N Line Electric as one of the region’s top heavy electrical contractors, and has the potential to grow their business significantly in the coming three to four years before another facelift is due!