We’ve worked with Kim at Magic Fairy Candles for a couple of years now, most recently rebuilding her eCommerce store from scratch. The new version is a streamlined, functional, and scalable for her small business.

We love the clean design, and the custom products mega menu we got to build for this website. 

Having Magic Fairy Candles as a client is a real delight. They’re a local Longmont company that’s passionate about their work, and that have truly embraced digital media. I am constantly pointing to these folks as an example of fantastic organic social media marketing… they post consistently, honestly, and purposefully.

This website was a WordPress Rescue.

And a WooCommerce Rescue more than anything… Kim has a growing consumer business, but a thriving base of wholesale customers. Her former web development professional had tied together a few plugins to implement wholesale accounts and pricing, but had failed to get a functioning system.

Those efforts created myriad issues with WooCommerce…

Order notification emails from WooCommerce were not being sent, wholesale pricing wasn’t appearing for wholesale customers, and in general, the eCommerce aspect of the site was riddled with errors… the most persistent of which would send users to a random product in the store if they clicked on any WooCommerce link!

It took several weeks to troubleshoot and canary-trap our way through the many levels of WooCommerce and third-party plugins her former developer had implemented, and at the end of it, we were still unable to fix everything.

We’d created a WooCommerce Wholesale System, but it didn’t play well with a payment gateway, so order emails continued to not be sent.

Sometimes the only way to build a strong foundation is to start from scratch.

A little more than a year after Kim first contacted us about helping with her eCommerce website, she’d had enough – even with the majority of problems solved, the website was negatively affecting her business. She was ready to scrap having a website entirely.

We talked her down and told her that with her product catalog we could rebuild the skeleton of the store and resolve most issues. This represented a chance to refresh and refine the aesthetic of the site as well, so she agreed to a whole new website.

Since then, it’s received great reviews, and its eCommerce store is working like a dream.

Companion Wholesale Website

After the success of the new retail website, Kim wanted a more sophisticated option for wholesale customers, so we replicated the website and made magicfairywholesale.com for her growing wholesale customer base.

Email Marketing

We’ve worked with Kim on email marketing for a few years! We started managing Constant Contact for her business and transitioned to MailChimp when we needed some of its WooCommerce integration features. The focus on email marketing increased her online sales substantially.