Steve is one of DogCat Marketing’s oldest clients, and we’re so psyched to have work with him over the years. His sturdy little site has helped him expand his business, and secure his foothold in the backline industry in the Denver Metro Area, the Front Range, and Colorado in general.

This site feels like a mid 00’s rock-n-roll web forum in all the right ways.  

We believe that Front Range Backline’s business is largely about the relationships, and we really, really vibe with that. They do what needs to be done to make sure their clients are taken care of, and they do it with genuine expertise.

This is a great example of a website that’s intentionally not the most modern. We don’t have full-screen close-up shots of Les Pauls and Zildjian cymbals just because they’re pretty – we have info about the gear available, so Steve’s clients can figure out if Front Range Backline has what they need, and plenty of way to get in touch to find out otherwise.


Front Range Backline