Eight Black Cars is one of our oldest clients, and one that we’ve worked on just about every kind of project with. If DogCat has an anchor client, it’s these guys.

We started working with Simon in 2016, building a brand new website for the executive car service company. They had been using a simple website builder that came along with their booking software. We integrated their existing booking system into their new website so they could keep on working the way they had been.

Over the last four years, we’ve worked with Simon on countless other projects: Longmont Shuttle, Boulder Shuttle (now, the combined Eight Black Airport Shuttle after their acquisition of Green Ride in 2022), Boulder Airport Transport, Royal Ambassadors, Inc. and a few that have yet to see the light of day.

Email Mastery

Simon’s a genius when it comes to email marketing (but don’t tell him I said that). Fortunately for us, he is not quite a genius at Mailchimp.

Print Website Updates Everything On Demand

Simon had started the business only a few months before we met, and was in dire need of marketing materials. We worked with him to develop business cards, and a sleek multi-page brochure outlining their services for prospective clients. Since then, we’ve designed dozens of brochures, flyers, rack cards, print ads, and mailers.

We even made the Longmont Shuttle website over a weekend in January of 2017. I checked the records: Simon emailed at 8:13am on the 17th, and the site was live at 4:13pm on the 18th.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Tech Support

Turns out, when you make business cards and brochures and email campaigns and websites on demand, you start to be relied on for any technical issue. In the last six months, we’ve:

  • comparison shopped GoPro cameras (not surprisingly, we went with the one called Eight Black. Go figure.)
  • reorganized file systems
  • set up backups for phones and laptops
  • managed transfers of websites, domains, and other digital assets during business acquisitions
  • Set up and managed Google Workspace