Our Website Security Service

In order to work with one of the country’s top business hosts, we are required to maintain our websites’ security integrity.

Since our launch three years ago, the WordPress core that powers your site has undergone more than eight major updates, and a dozen or more security updates. Every time a new release candidate hits the web, we manually update all of your functionality to ensure that your site continues to work correctly.

Until now we have performed this after-sales service at no charge.

However, if you would like us to continue hosting your site we will need to implement a small charge for this service. We offer a monthly subscription plan at just $65.00 per month, a quarterly subscription at $175.00 per quarter, and a yearly plan at $650.00 per year.

Please be aware that this service is optional. If you choose not to opt-in, we will provide an EPP key to your new web professional, remove the transfer lock on your domain (if it is registered with us ), and provide a set of backup files from Updraft Plus software. This will enable any professional to transfer your site to a new host. If you need us to transfer the site for you, we will do so at a flat fee of $250 if your new host supports cPanel; otherwise, we will charge $125 per hour.

We do not provide support, tutorials or lessons to web professionals who are unable to complete this transfer after being provided with the information above. This is all they need. If your domain is registered elsewhere, you are responsible for providing your new web professional with the login details for your registrar. If your new provider is not capable of transferring the site, we will do it for you at the prices outlined above.

IF YOU DO NOT ACT: Your website will be backed up safely, but may be removed from our host server until you opt-in to our security package, or transfer to another host.

Please also note that the maintenance fee is independent of most other charges such as changes and alterations, annual website hosting charges, and domain registration – it only covers the cost of keeping the software updated for optimum security and functionality.

We hope that you will remain with us for a long time to come.

The Notification & Renewal or Removal Process

One month before your domain registration or web hosting plan expires, we will send an email with the information about this plan.

We will send a second email two weeks before expiration and call you, and a final email one week before expiration.

We can accept payments for extending hosting up until 24 hours before expiration.

If you do not contact us in this time, or subscribe to our maintenance service, we will park your domain for you. This means that we will backup your site a final time, secure your domain name at our own cost for a year, and remove your site from our hosts. Visitors will see a notice that the domain is parked.

To re-install the site on our server after it has been parked, we charge $225.

If, after one year, your domain has not been renewed, we will allow it to lapse – and the chances of you reclaiming it become very slim, due to automated bots that auto-register expired domains.

Use the PayPal payment buttons to subscribe to our monthly or yearly service – you can cancel anytime by calling (720) 588-2007. Otherwise the service will continue to renew until canceled. It is your responsibility to contact us BEFORE we renew your services – we encourage you to add a note to your calendar reminding you of the renewal date for your site, as we do not offer refunds for hosting or domain name registration.

For other questions on hosting, please feel free to call us.