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Social Media: DogCat Marketing in Longmont

Social Media doesn’t work for business, does it?

Quite right. Because most businesses don’t use it correctly.

Social media is not a question of re-posting the stuff you see in your personal feed. It’s not a question of preaching to the converted.

Social media is designed, carefully, to create interaction by sharing knowledge and information in a way that encourages contagion and virality.

When you stop the conversation dead, nothing follows. When you open the conversation – with a question, a controversy, a theorem, an unexpected coin toss – then you have a chance to engage your readers.

But because it’s easier to re-post from a personal Facebook feed, that’s what people do. And it’s why we find it possible to absolutely crush every measure of success on the social network.

What kind of results do we get?

Our social media results – particularly on Facebook – are world-class.
Average fan reach for pages with less than 10,000 fans is 13.8%.

Our average fan reach is 86%.

Average virality for the same type of page is 1.5%.

We achieve 597%. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Engagement? The key measure of whether someone is truly interested in your offer? Average is 0.96%.

Ours is 25.9%.

So yes, we’re good at this. We help make Facebook a cornerstone of your marketing efforts, despite the naysayers.

At the risk of seeming old-fashioned, we don’t recommend Twitter for small business.

For brands with tens of thousands of followers, it’s a different matter. But in general, Twitter’s social media network is more successful for celebrities and massive brands than for the average mid-sized business.

Here’s the reason. The New Scientist compared 120 million actual retweets with a computer model, and found very little difference in how virality propagated. Their conclusion – virality is almost random, and given the limited attention span of Twitter users and the vast number of tweets that flow through their feed, you have to win the lottery to be retweeted consistently.

For the celebrities who adorn the cover of Us Weekly, it might be different – but unless you have almost endless time to tweet and retweet, winning that lottery is unrealistic for the vast majority of businesses.

Facebook longevity is around 24 hours. Twitter’s is around 5 minutes. It’s not hard to figure out where to put your business energy.

We’re not greedy.

Posting every day is overkill for most small to mid-sized businesses. The last thing you need is for people to tire of your work and unfollow you.

However, since Facebook’s organic reach algorithm depends on consistent engagement with your audience, and is improved by virality, we suggest three to four times a week is a good number.

It probably costs less than one ad in the local newspaper: and the recall, the chance to spread your message, and the extraordinary level of control we can help you exert over your target audience, means that Facebook advertising is quite simply some of the most valuable marketing you can create.

Our social media rates are reasonable. Not cheap. But reasonable
(720) 588-2007

Everyone can do social media. Right?
Wrong. So very, very, very wrong. What you do with your personal Facebook page, and what we do with your business page, is the difference between your daily commute to work, and Marco Mapelli lapping the Nürburgring in under seven minutes in a Lamborghini Aventador.

No kidding. Literally dozens of factors go into how we design, write, time, produce and target your Facebook posts. Twenty-five years’ experience goes into creating a brand image that sets you apart from the competition.

And perhaps most importantly of all, we never, ever, copy and paste – sorry, “share” – other people’s work.

Yes, it means that our social media branding and marketing is time-consuming. And it taxes our little brains every day. But the end result is absolutely phenomenal.

Put it this way: in one month, we just increased a client’s re-marketing opportunities by 2,633% – and their engagement by 453%.

Social media marketing is both an art and a craft. We know them both inside-out.


We’re at (720) 588-2007.

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