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This is going to sound pretty challenging. But when you say you’re paying for SEO, what are you paying for?

Be specific. Answer honestly. What EXACTLY are you paying for?

A report? Is the SEO company managing your website? Are they blogging, updating your social media, refreshing pages?

Or are they simply loading keywords in your meta tags? Are they bulk-buying Google ads that they then sell on at a vastly-inflated price? Are they spam link-building?

The sad fact is, you cannot buy search engine optimization as an add-on to your website. It’s either built into the structure and fabric of your site, or it’s a waste of time. Because Google and the other search engines aren’t interested in 2007’s keyword-loading, or 2008’s back-linking (although they love getting paid for ads).

SEO companies prey on the ignorance of the majority of their clients, and they are paid hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars, for doing virtually nothing.

SEO services are the modern-day equivalent of snake-oil. Unless they can definitively prove their worth, get rid of them.

Spend your money on something more worthwhile. Like chasing rainbows.

What is SEO and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization is the key to website design success.
It is quite simply the difference between spending your money wisely, and completely wasting it.
Good SEO puts you on Google’s map. Bad SEO puts you on Google’s shit-list. (Sorry for the expression, but spammy SEO will kill your ranking faster than none at all.)

When the QE2 ocean-going liner was due to be launched, the boiler wouldn’t start. The engineers tried everything, to no avail. Finally they sent a helicopter to Hamburg to fly over a specialist, just in time for the Queen to launch the ship.

He took a long look at the boiler, and after much tapping and knocking, gave it an almighty thump with a sledgehammer… whereupon the giant boiler hiccuped into life.

“My fee,” he said, “is $10,000.”

“$10,000? For one thump with a hammer!?” cried the foreman in shock.

“No. For one thump with a hammer, one dollar. For knowing where to thump, $9,999.”

You don’t have to fly us in from Hamburg to get your search engine optimization working properly. And we’re probably a little cheaper, too.

SEO is the Holy Grail of website design.

Without giving Google a map to your site, the smartest company on Earth is completely lost. Great marketers are often measured not by the message, or the medium, but simply by their command of the language that Google speaks.

Writing a website is not like writing an essay, or talking to a friend. Friends don’t check to see that the subject of your discussion is mentioned, in just the right way, a certain percentage of the time. They don’t check that your speech occasionally devolves into headlines. They don’t expect the gestures you make to be accompanied by cleverly-written natural text that explains what they’re seeing.

Overall, when we write a page of copy, we consider over 50 known Google ranking factors. And intuitively, through years of experience, we can infer many more.

SEO is not natural. On one hand, you’re writing for humans – with all the idiomatic speech that they expect. On the other, you’re proving to Google that your writing is worth elevating in the organic search rankings so that the world will find you.

Two audiences. One page. And neither should ever know that you can write for both.

We actually find this SEO business rather fun.


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