Client: the DARKROOM Fine Art Photo Gallery

Work: Website creation, social media marketing

Having developed the occasional photography website, working with Julie at the DARKROOM to create this gallery site was an energizing exercise. She wanted her site to not only provide visitors with necessary information about events, exhibits, and contests, but to also showcase artists in the space. As always, working with another creative entity meant agreeing on an aesthetic with someone with an eye for design.

We found this to be easy with Julie; we saw eye to eye on the general direction of the site’s design, and any changes Julie brought to the table served to further hone the look and individuality of the site.

Photography Website Design

With a name like the DARKROOM, we were pretty dead-set on breaking what some consider a rule of web design – building a website to be as dark as possible. The recent trend – especially with photographer’s websites – has been to have bright white backgrounds, floral patterns, and paper textures. It’s an aesthetic we are well familiar with, but wanted to do something a little more daring for the DARKROOM.

Online Photography Galleries

the DARKROOM draws some seriously talented artists, and the site we built for them lets them show it. Each of the DARKROOM’s featured artists has a page on the website with a biography and a few photographs they’ve taken. The photographs can be opened in a lightbox to fill the screen. This is a common feature on photography websites, but works especially well with the DARKROOM’s black background. These featured artists change occasionally, keeping the website dynamic, and working to build and maintain strong SEO.

the DARKROOM is one of our proudest arts and photography websites.