Client: The Art of Cheese

Work: Copywriting, eCommerce, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design


Kate at The Art of Cheese needed a site that would make selling seats to her cheesemaking classes simple. The site experience for consumers was an integral part in The Art of Cheese’s business development – we knew that ease-of-use would directly affect the rate of student sign-ups.

We designed and developed The Art of Cheese’s site to have a flow from information about classes to sale that customers could enter at almost any point to streamline sales. The Art of Cheese’s new website was completed shortly before the classes moved from a semi-monthly basis to a weekly. It also coincided with Kate Johnson, The Art of Cheese’s founder, finding a semi-permanent location to host her classes. We came at an important moment in The Art of Cheese’s business development.


Before we built The Art of Cheese’s website, Kate would take registrations for classes by email or phone, and had no system for customers to pay online. Kate contacted us about developing a website that could handle registrations and payments – on the verge of ramping up her classes, she knew that a website would be a crucial part of her business development.

Using online educational software we created an eCommerce site that allowed The Art of Cheese’s customers to register and pay for classes online. This makes it easier for The Art of Cheese to follow-up with past-customers, and re-market to them. The software also makes it easy for Kate to create coupons for her customers.

Marketing and Business Development

We contributed to her marketing and business efforts by offering advice on social media and optimizing her website for search.

We created some materials for The Art of Cheese’s Facebook page as well, and helped Kate to optimize it. The Art of Cheese’s Facebook cover photo is designed specifically to provide relevant business information on any screen.

As usual, SEO was built in from the bottom-up, and has been successful. Don’t believe it? Head on over to Google, and search for “art of cheese.” Kate’s site shows up even before an international dairy’s (one that has That’s pretty alright, don’t you think?


Kate received one of our personalized training manuals, and a training session. Since then she has continued to update and use all aspects of the website without having to call DogCat every week. We make websites that are usable, and we show you how to do it.

The Art of Cheese’s website is an example of how exceptional web design can contribute to a business’ development.