Client: Lyons Art on the Green

Work: WordPress, Copywriting, SEO,

Creating a new website for Lyons’ Art on the Green festival was a worthwhile exercise in support and marketing the arts in the Colorado front range. We developed this site as sponsors of the festival..

Rick, one of the festival’s founders, wanted to update Art on the Green’s site after a successful first year. In addition to information about the festival, he wanted a site that would prominently display works by the artists participating. He also wanted a site that he could easily update and maintain.

As always with DogCat, the site was optimized for mobile and for search engines.

Online Art Gallery

Lyons Art on the Green is a festival that brings artists from across the globe to show their work. When designing the site we wanted it to give the artists their due, and for it to be an effective tool for marketing the arts in Colorado. Naturally, a digital gallery was where we ended up.

Each artist participating in the festival had their own gallery of work on the website, displaying images that they supplied. This was a useful tool for the festival and individual artists, as the galleries could be used for marketing the arts that would be at the festival.

Usable by Client

One of Rick’s concerns with a new site was usability on the back-end. He wanted to be able to manage and update the site for future festivals without needing to call us. Because we use WordPress, this is a request that we can fulfill easily.

We also supplied him with a personalized digital guide to the site. It walks through the functions of the site that he needs to know to update blogs, pages, and the artist galleries. This, along with formal training, is standard for all of our sites.

We are proud to sponsor Art on the Green, and to be a company that is involved in marketing the arts.