Client: Longmont Compass

Work: Branding, Copywriting, Logo Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Everything


The Longmont Compass is a project of our own. It’s a long-term exercise that has allowed us to be constantly testing and improving our marketing skills and methods. In its first nine months The Compass has grown and evolved into a trusted media outlet in town. From Q3 of 2014 to Q2 of 2015 we have seen a 315% increase in our readership, and our daily readership average has doubled from Q1 to Q2 of 2015. We have created a brand that our fans – and much of Longmont, in general – want to hear.

This is our definition of successful branding, marketing and advertising through social media, and contagious content.


What sets The Longmont Compass apart from countless other hyper-local news outlets that have come and gone in Longmont is its brand. Instead of the safe and sterile, don’t-want-to-offend-anybody approach that those who came before us have adopted, we are irreverent, divisive, and outspoken. And most importantly, we are unabashedly pro-Longmont.

That’s the Longmont Compass brand; we’re cheeky, and we love Longmont.

Social Media Marketing

The Longmont Compass exists only on the internet, and the internet exists almost entirely on Facebook; for our first month and a half, we only existed on Facebook, too. We spent that time running a full-force ad campaign, building our fan base before going live. This was before we had articles to link to, so our social media marketing existed primarily to extend and expose our brand. That first ad campaign resulted in more than 3,000 likes by our September 1st launch date.

Since then we have continued to use Facebook and other social media platforms for business, and have found success. Our Facebook posts regularly reach more than 75% of our total fan base, and often will reach tens of thousands of people organically – remember, the average for brands on Facebook is around 2-3%.

We have also began to focus on other platforms for social media marketing, and have found success. Our Twitter page is growing at a consistent rate, and some of our tweets have achieved a moderate level of virality. We have also found Reddit to be a successful avenue – we were posted to r/news recently, reached the front page, and had our site crash for seven hours…

Suffice to say, The Longmont Compass has been an exercise in upgrading servers in addition to branding and social media marketing…