Client: Longmont Cleaning

Work: Copywriting, Logo Design, SEO, WordPress


Longmont Cleaning is a small startup cleaning company that specializes in commercial and office carpet cleaning. We worked closely with Longmont Cleaning’s founder, Chad, to develop a small business marketing strategy for his fledgling company. Apart from talking with Chad about his business goals and suggesting ways he might reach them, our largest contribution was creating a website.

This is a very visually appealing site, and one of few that features one-page parallax design.


Longmont Cleaning is one site that we’ve written completely from scratch. We had conversations with Chad about small business marketing, and the kind of information that his customers would be looking for on his site. He supplied us with notes about his ideals for the company, the services he offers, and what sets him apart from his competitors. These notes and our conversations about small business marketing were the source of much of the copy on the Longmont Cleaning website.

What stuck with us after our meetings with Chad was his friendliness and personality. He’s always ready to explain the details of his business, and speaks knowledgeably about his work. In the copy we wrote we attempted to make these traits shine through, and to give an impression of what it’s like to work with Chad.

Website and Logo Design

The Longmont Cleaning site was a departure for us in terms of design. Before this project we tended to avoid single-page, parallax websites, but realized that a more condensed format would be ideal for this site. Keeping all of a site’s elements on one page demands simplicity. Without it, one-page sites can become bogged-down and text-heavy.

We had to strike the right balance between information and minimalism; make the elements of the site – be they copy, images, or contact forms – concise while maintaining personality.

We went for minimalism with the logo we created for Longmont Cleaning as well. The particular shades of blue, green, and white were carefully picked for this website to convey the ideas of cleanliness and conservation – Longmont Cleaning prides themselves on the environmentally friendly products they use. These bright colors combined with the familiar sight of the Twin Peaks made for a recognizable and clean logo.

We were delighted to work with Chad on his small business marketing plan and to develop this website.