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Five Great Dates in Longmont

Connor Magyar


The snow is finally here. We’re in for five months of blustering winds, swaths of frosted grass, and those bone-chilling days that shine bright with the winter sun. 

With the cold and snow here to stay, we’ll all seek respite from the chill. Some will venture into the mountains to strap pieces of wood and fiberglass to their feet, and make gravity and a low co-efficient of friction into a great time. Others will dig out that old reading list they dropped behind their desks and get to work on Tolstoy or Dickens.

Here at The Compass we can’t decide if winter sports are more daunting than the dusty works of dead literati, but we do know one thing: life is a lot less chilly when you’re cuddling up to a loved one.

So, whether you’ve just worked up the nerve to finally ask out the pretty girl who sells you a triple latte every morning, or you’re looking for a new place to take your sweetheart, The Compass has all the best winter date ideas in Longmont.

The Compass First Date

If you’re like me, first dates are more nerve-wracking than doctor’s appointments, end of year exams, and family dinners combined. The First Date, which usually involves some of the clumsiest social interactions, can be the clincher between spending the winter cozy in front of a fire sharing hot cocoa and spending the winter alone on the couch re-watching Frasier.

Ice Skating & A Warm Cafe

Take your date to the ice pavilion at Roosevelt for ice skating, and afterwards walk through Longmont’s downtown to one of many cafes for coffee or hot chocolate to warm up.

The ice pavilion is within walking distance of Luna Cafe. If the date is going really well, the new Long’s Peak Pub and Taphouse at the Roosevelt Park Apartments building is a great choice for dinner and a beer.

If it’s still going well, head to Crackpots to paint some art together. Depending on how dates two, three, and four go, the pottery you paint will either become a keepsake from your first date, or a symbol for the relationship that you can smash against the floor to feel better when it all falls apart.

Opportunities: Your first date looks and feels like something out of a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie, you get to hold hands to steady each other while skating, you both find a book you love in Luna Cafe’s library, and you paint a pair of matching salt and pepper shakers at Crackpots that your kids will use someday.

Perils: You slip and fall on the ice, and an eleven year old with a mohawk speeds over your finger on his hockey skates, you start bleeding everywhere, and your date has to drive you to the hospital as you leave blood stains all over their car, and then vomit stains when you remember that the sight of blood makes you sick.

The Classic Date

Whatever happened to dinner and a movie? In Longmont, the movie part is now a pile of rubble getting trucked off to Nebraska, and frankly they’re welcome to it. The United Artists theater, Longmont’s shining pinnacle of cinematic excellence, is now gone, and has passed the torch back to an old friend: live theater.

Dinner and a Show

For The Classic Date, take your date to one of Longmont downtown’s restaurants, and then take in a show at Longmont Theatre Company.

For eating downtown we recommend Flavor of India if you’re feeling adventurous, The Pumphouse if you want to get some great local-brewed beers and pub food, or Racheli’s for some homestyle Italian.

Longmont Theatre Company will be playing The Miracle Worker for two weekends in November, and Toonful Christmas featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas for two weekends in December.

Opportunities: You hit it off at dinner and make a real connection, then the show you see is touching, and you end up holding hands at the end. Years down the line your kids take part in Longmont Theatre Company’s holiday show.

Perils: In the middle of dinner at Flavor of India, a forgotten curry allergy rears its ugly head, you break out in hives, and your date has to drive you to the hospital as your intestines convert masala to methane. Your date finally drives you ‘home’ to Greeley.

The Chill Date

The Chill Date is one of the best types of dates. All you have to do is go out on the town the way you might usually on your own, and hope that your date doesn’t think you frequent the bar too much when the bartenders hug you as walk in.

Drinks & Tunes

The perfect Chill Date would be at one of Longmont’s many live music venues. Any of Oskar Blues’ restaurants or their taproom would be excellent choices when they have live music. The same goes for Left Hand Brewing Company’s taproom. For a low-key Chill Date, Still Cellars, a local distillery and arthouse, has live music most Friday nights.

Opportunities: You and your date see how cool the other is, and you both realize that yeah, you’re really into this person. Now, who tells the other person that they think they’re cool first? It can’t be you, that would be uncool. Hmmmm.

Perils: Your date goes to get another round of drinks, runs into an old flame at the bar, and doesn’t tell you. They spend the rest of the night switching between the two love interests like a bad Hugh Grant movie, and finally decide to stay with you. When the old flame finds out, they knock your teeth in, and your date has to drive you to the hospital while you lose an incisor under their passenger seat. (Editor’s Note: There’s a theme here, isn’t there?)

The Comfy Date

The Comfy Date is best after you’re absolutely positive that your romantic interest is not an ax murderer. The Comfy Date usually entrails… sorry, entails… a movie, and getting food delivered.

Close & Cozy

Surprisingly, there is a still a business in town that allows you to rent movies that isn’t a red box outside of a grocery store. Showtime Video on Main St. has kept its location, and still offers movie rentals. Find a movie that at least one of you will like, and place an order from one of Longmont’s many delivery options.

When it comes to food delivery, we tend to stick to the basics: Chinese or pizza. Spicy House has some of the best Chinese food in town, and includes free egg rolls with a delivery over $12. When it comes to pizza, there is an embarrassment of riches for delivery. Nicolo’s for example makes a great pizza, as do Abo’s and Blackjack Pizza.

Opportunities: You pick a movie that you both really like, and fall asleep on the couch together. When you wake up in the middle of the night it’s snowing again, and you stand outside in the snow wrapped in blankets like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks flick.

Perils: Your date actually is an ax murderer, and you rented American Psycho, which only encourages them. When you get up to go to the bathroom, suddenly you’ll start to hear Huey Lewis and the News play, and think it’s a practical joke. When you walk out, however, they will go all Christian Bale on you, leading to some kind of bizarre hospitalization scene (see above). 

The Classy Date

The Classy Date is a date that all couples must go on every once in a while. This date should usually be reserved for BIG events like a proposal, an anniversary, or a birthday. The Classy Date is also a great idea if you have no noticeable personality and hope that the wads of cash you throw at wait staff will impress.

Wining & Dining

The Classy Date is a no-holds-barred sort of affair. Take your car to Main Street Car Wash and get it washed and detailed, pull out your best outfit, and put on some airs. Take your date to Sugarbeet for a high-end seasonal menu, or to Modena Wine Cafe for some fine wine and tapas. The Classy Date will impress, but should only be executed with the utmost care and attention.

Opportunities: You get to eat some great food, and drink some great wine while connecting with your date by candle light.

Perils: You have a strange allergy to wine casks! When you drink your cabernet sauvignon your cheeks swell up. You’ll go to the bathroom to see how bad it is, at which point your eyes will swell shut. You’ll try to return to your table, but will end up tripping over another patron and concussing yourself on the edge of a table. Your date will have to drive you to the hospital.

Dating is a daunting task that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but we hope that we at The Compass have alleviated some of the stresses involved, and you can confidently venture out into the dangerous territory that is modern dating.

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