Client: Boulder Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Visit Estes Park, Visit Fort Collins, Visit Greeley, Visit Longmont, Visit Loveland

Work: Website Creation, SEO, Copywriting

After our work creating a microsite for Visit Longmont, we worked with other front range visitors associations to create a Front Range Colorado marketing site. The site was meant to showcase beer and breweries in the area while also emphasizing arts and the outdoors. As the site was made primarily for tourists to the area, it needed to be easily navigable, optimized for mobile, and easily found through search.

Front Range Colorado Marketing and Design

This was a collaborative effort between five front range tourist authorities to promote the region as a whole. As a marketing exercise this meant identifying and focusing on the both the traits that made an individual city a destination, and those that contribute to the region as a whole. Given our work with The Longmont Compass, we were easily able to accomplish both of these goals.

Though this website and its content is largely about the craft beer industry in these Northern Colorado communities, we didn’t want the focus to be too narrow. The photos we originally received were all photos of breweries and beer festivals. To add more diversity to the content, we added some photos of our own, and photos from local photographers.

Research and Copywriting

Every word on Colorado Front Range – except for those in a handful of brewery bios – was written by us. We put in hours of fact-finding and research for this copy, optimizing for search and Colorado marketing. Each city represented on the site was equipped with professional content.


When six organizations contact you asking to make a website for them, you assume it will be a project from Hell. To the contrary, every organization involved in this Northern Colorado marketing initiative was cooperative, collaborative, and a pleasure to work with.

When it comes to local and regional Northern Colorado Marketing, DogCat has you covered.