Client: A Florae

Work: Copywriting, Logo Design, SEO, WordPress


We jumped at the chance to work with A Florae, knowing that a wedding website would afford us an opportunity for an exceptionally visual site. A Florae’s founder, Rachel, showed us some of the photography from weddings that she has designed flowers for early on in the development process. The photographs were galvanizing to our work, and we strove to create a wedding website that was more than just information and testimonials – we created a site that acts as A Florae’s portfolio.

To this day, it is one of the sites that we are most proud of creating.

The Wedding Gallery

It was important to us that A Florae’s website had examples of their work displayed prominently and in detail. Working with Rachel, we created individual galleries featuring weddings that A Florae had flowered, complete with a Pinterest-style grid of photographs from the event. We were very purposeful when selecting the photos that would display in each of the galleries; not only were the flowers heavily featured, but also pictures of the couples, venue, and moments from the day.

Each gallery is coupled with a letter by Rachel that explains her process in designing the flowers for that particular wedding. They also reference the other vendors that Rachel worked with at each of the weddings with links to their websites. This was to make A Florae into a kind of resource for brides, where they could find the photographer or DJ that they were still looking for – and it helped enormously in securing quality backlinks to improve the SEO on the site.

These galleries are a unique kind of content that we believe make this wedding website a step above the average.

Making Information Easy

While the galleries were a major for us, we also wanted the site to be very usable and informative. If brides-to-be couldn’t find a wealth of information on the site, they would be more likely to leave the page. On nearly every page, there are links to pages that detail the different flowers that A Florae offers. Details include things like the flower’s availability by the season, color, and scent. Each of these informational pages also has a collection of pictures showing different ways that they flower could be displayed.

Logo Design

Rachel and Jon worked very closely together on the logo. Rachel had very specific ideas about color and tone – and Jon’s font selections were enormously popular. The logo took many, many rounds of changes to get just right – but it was a process we committed to because it was the centerpiece of the front page – and just like the centerpieces that Rachel creates for her clients, it had to be perfect.

Working with A Florae, we created a wedding website unlike any other.