Client: 3D Tree Care

Work: Copywriting, SEO, Web Design


Many small business websites get relegated to the same old tropes: minimal information about the company, a phone number, and a blurry picture of staff hard at work. When Lori at 3D Tree Care, a local arborist and tree care company, contacted us we were excited for the chance to break out of those molds. When 3D Tree Care told us they wanted the site to focus on the artistry of tree care, we were pumped.

We had a lot of ideas for this website, but the three main goals were: displaying the difficulty, importance, and artistry of tree care; providing ample information about tree care and the work that 3D Tree Care provided; and creating a tree care services website that was fun, engaging, and modern.

Modern, Small Business Website Design

How do you make tree care interesting? As it turns out, there are a couple of ways – throughout the website we used high-quality photography to create a variety appeals. These ranged from the emotional: an empty tree swing with the caption, “When she comes home from college for vacation, she’ll still sit here to write in her journal.”; to cautionary advice: a sports car that had been crushed by branches, and a line reminding you, “We’re a lot cheaper than a new car.”; to the revealing: images that show the nitty-gritty of tree care – first-person views of large pruning shears, an ax in a stump next to a pile of chopped firewood.

These images work to give visitors a different perspective on tree care and its importance. Those that show the nitty-gritty details of the job do this the most, as they give a solid, definable image of the job. Using these kinds of appeals and modern design for a small business website lends credibility to the business – not that 3D Tree Care – who trims trees for a few city governments, saves cats from trees, and does excellent arborist work – really needs it.


Laughter is one of the easiest ways to connect over the internet. We used humor on the site’s home page slider to make that connection early on in a visitor’s experience with the 3D Tree Care site. A rather miffed-looking squirrel sits on a tree stump glaring at the camera. The headline reads, “Squirrels don’t like us much, but humans seem to love us.” A button links to 3D’s tree stump removal service, reading, “Stump Removal (*Squirrel Removal Extra).”

A straightforward joke, but one that works. I mean, what’s funnier than an angry squirrel?

We have developed many small business websites – 3D Tree Care’s remains one of our favorites for its design.