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Website Design and Development

Website Design for your Small Business

Are we still saying this? “If you have a business, you need to have a website.”

Even if you don’t want or expect it to be a sales or leads powerhouse, representing your business online is vital to its success. It will very often be one of the first points-of-contact that prospective clients and customers have with your business, and you can’t afford to waste that first impression.


the percentage of visitors to your website who leave if they reach a 404 error page.

Get in Contact With Us

DogCat has developed, designed and maintained dozens of sites for small businesses. We work closely with you to deliver just the website you and your business need right now.
We build world-class marketing sites on a small business budget. 

What Goes Into a Website

Lots. Or very little. Every business needs something a little different. For many of our clients, their website exists only so they have some online presence. For others, their website is the primary place where they gain clients and sell their services and products.

Every project requires a different touch, a different set of skills, and a different website. DogCat knows what works, and where your business should start with online marketing. 

In general, any website design and development project falls into one of these three categories:

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