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Graphic Design

Canva Can Get You Pretty Far…

But Canva barely leaves town compared to the globetrotting designs of a pro.

We’ve seen some of our most professional clients create, approve, and print some truly terrible designs – and not just to our refined design sensibilities. These were event posters without dates and times, flyers in 8pt font, and mailers with the wrong web address!

Graphic Design for business takes a bit more than slapping words and pictures together.

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DogCat has developed, designed and maintained dozens of sites for small businesses. We work closely with you to deliver just the website you and your business need right now.
We build world-class marketing sites on a small business budget. 

It’s Less Function vs. Form and More (Function)Form

For the non-equation nerds, that’s Function times Form.

Design is for more than just the designer. In an ideal world, designed objects are made to better serve their own purpose. For a business, sometimes that just means knowing when to use black, white, or bold text, but that can make a big difference.

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