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You gotta spend money on the internet to make money on the internet.

Just like chewing gum on the bottom of seats and bad advice from strangers, socially media and search engines are totally free. Though social media reacts better than gum (and most strangers) to a few bucks behind your message. 

Pay-to-play online is big, lucrative, and costs many businesses thousands of dollars a day. Carefully honing your message, testing your ads, and limiting yourself to just the right networks can save you from being a statistics about the perils of AdWords.


the number of suspected and confirmed updates to Google’s Search algorithm in 2017.

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DogCat has developed, designed and maintained dozens of sites for small businesses. We work closely with you to deliver just the website you and your business need right now.
We build world-class marketing sites on a small business budget. 

Giving Money to Google and Facebook, The Right Way.

I can’t tell you how often I’m asked if a business’ social media is “working.” Are you getting contacts and leads and engagement and growth from your efforts?* Would you know how to test that? If it’s working for you, how did you end up on this page?

*Is that even what you’re looking for?

Of the 100+ businesses we’ve worked with, there have been just a few who have intuitively managed their own social media. And those few were really, really good at it

Chances are, you’re over- and under-thinking it.  Here’s how we can help:

Focus on the customer.

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