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Because that’s what SEO really is these days. Sure, there are things we can do to “SEO your site,” but what it mostly boils down to is creating a widely usable, secure, and up-to-date website and online presence. 

Keyword-stuffing and link-buying just don’t work anymore. And what does will likely change by the time I finish this sentence. 


the number of suspected and confirmed updates to Google’s Search algorithm in 2017.

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DogCat has developed, designed and maintained dozens of sites for small businesses. We work closely with you to deliver just the website you and your business need right now.
We build world-class marketing sites on a small business budget. 

Maintaining a High Quality Website

Look, we said it!

First things first: please forget everything you’ve ever heard about SEO. Unless you’re a HUGE fan of Whiteboard Fridays, your idea of what SEO entails probably has something to do with setting keywords and descriptions, and getting your site listed on directories across the web.

Believe me, those things are important, but they’re just two of more than 100 different factors that Google considers when they crawl and index your site. AND they tend to be the most abused.

SEO these days is really about keeping a good online presence. Here’s what we focus on:

The Slider Is Not Enough

Search Engine Optimization is seriously complicated stuff. No one outside of Google truly understands it. They can’t! Heck, that algorithm is so sprawling and all-encompassing, there are probably very few people inside Google who understand all of it.

And it’s going to keep on changing, and shifting, and evolving. It would cost a fortune to keep up.

When we work on SEO, we only consider a few things:

  1. Does this page provide valuable and interesting information for visitors?
  2. How easy it is to navigate and find specific content on your website?
  3. If someone was seeing your website, or Facebook page, or Google listing for the first time, would they think you had gone out of business?
  4. Does your website meet the minimum of web standards?

Too many SEOs build their work and services around what Google’s bots are looking for, and we think that’s a fool’s errand. Especially when the alternative is so easy! 

Focus on the customer.

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