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Why is copywriting so important?

When a customer walks into a store, the owner has two options.

One, they can ignore the customer (or worse still, use a closed question) – “Can I help you?” – to which the answer may be “No, just looking.”

Either way, they just blocked the sale.

A great copywriter opens the lines of communication between the customer and the store owner. “Good morning… wow, can you believe this heat, what would you say it is out there?”

The customer engages. A conversation ensues. The customer feels relaxed and is more willing to confide the real reason they are in the store. The owner discovers the need, and is able to meet it. A sale.

The copywriter is your substitute for your personal voice. He or she is the person who opens the conversation and gets the customer to act.

Great copywriting isn’t just a call to action. It’s a call to engagement. After that, it’s up to you.

I want my website to sound like me.

So do we. And a superior copywriting service can make that happen.

Over the years, we’ve developed a “voice”, a tone that we know works. But that voice doesn’t resonate with everyone.

For instance, on The Longmont Compass we alternate between self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing – because it entertains our readers to know that we can play both the King and the Fool.

The one copywriting technique we avoid is desperation. We don’t write ‘Dealin’ Doug’ commercials because they reek of the greasy salesmanship that doesn’t fit with our personal ideals of how to promote a quality brand.

Sorry, Doug. Back to the tanning bed for you.

If you're so good, why are you in Longmont?

Longmont is growing, changing, evolving.

As an agency, stagnation equals the death of creativity.

This is where we see opportunity. A town finding itself – and that we can help in that process.

This is where startups abound, where the market is unsaturated, and where our talents will make the most difference to companies wise enough to use them.

Longmont is our home. We like it here. Isn’t that a pretty good reason to set up shop here?

Are you a marketing guru?


People who describe themselves as such are frankly idiots, and should be lined up against a wall and forced to listen to their asinine theories about purple cows and locomotive dairy products for 30 days straight.

Since every solution we provide is completely unique, how can we suggest that we’re gurus? Our marketing doesn’t fit in a box. Or a book. Or a series of downloadable videos at the low, low price of just $199.95!!!!!

Avoid such people. They are charlatans. If the first thing your marketing person does is tell you what you need, before they listen, walk away.

Scratch that: run away.