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Content Marketing: DogCat Marketing in Longmont

Yes. Content Marketing takes work.

If you think there are shortcuts to the hearts and minds of your customers, by all means take them. Stick a coupon in the Value Ad thingy that 99% of people throw straight in the trash. In fact, just go ahead and sell on price.

Content marketing is not about the fast buck.

It’s about the long-term relationship you build with someone that keeps them coming back, reinforcing the old maxim that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to win a new one.

In its purest form, content marketing doesn’t even contain a sale pitch. It can be as simple as creating empathy with your key demographics by illustrating that when it comes to a particular cause or issue, you’re on their side.

It may lack the precise ROI that a direct marketing campaign can show… but think of most traditional forms of marketing as giving a man a fish, and content marketing as teaching him that he’s going to need a bigger boat.

Content marketing should be original, intelligent, varied, unexpected, and it should work toward the singular endgame of creating a relationship.

Content marketing is just another buzzword.

Actually, for once we disagree. To us, content marketing is the only marketing.

If the purpose of marketing is communication, and if we accept that communication is by nature a two-way street, then content marketing is the means by which your message to your customers and potential clients is repeated, shared, expounded upon and – if you’re lucky – enters their consciousness.

It’s the way they talk back, engage with your brand – or even you, personally – and create a relationship that encourages participation.

In this sense, participation means they become an ambassador, referring your content to others. It means they become a buyer, and share their experiences on review sites and in their interactions with friends and family. It means that they become – ready for this? – loyal.

When communication is simply you talking at a “target audience” as though they were a blank wall, forget about the reciprocity of a relationship.

When you use content marketing to inform, educate, make them laugh, shock them, raise an eyebrow… that’s when you’re creating a lifelong customer.

Yeah. We can help you do that.

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