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Our Facebook Results: 25% Increase In Business

We know a lot about content creation, and we’re using it for small business as well as larger clients. This is what the owner of a local restaurant had to say about our performance after working with us for a short while:

“Since I started working with DogCat Marketing about 2 months ago, business has been booming. New customers at Two Dog have increased by about 25% and my regular customers have become even more regular.  The FaceBook campaign DogCat has been running for me is pure genius.  The combination of appetite enticing photographs and creative, clever write ups have truly raised our profile and have brought in new customers not only from Longmont, but also surrounding areas.

This sort of marketing campaign truly has immediate, attributable results, and well worth the investment!  I wouldn’t consider using my advertising dollars on anything else.”

-Paul Roberts, Owner, Two Dog Diner

The surprise is not that Paul’s business is doing so well as a result of the campaign we’ve designed for him – the surprise is how straightforward it has been for Paul to manage. He simply tells us a little bit more about his business every time we chat, and the increased depth of knowledge gives us a hook each and every time. Maybe it’s about how great his mom’s Blueberry Pies were, or how Carlos Santana used to frequent his small establishment – in all honesty, it doesn’t matter what the story, as long as it’s real, original, and couldn’t have been written by his competition.

It comes down to the same three words – contagious content creation. People like truth in advertising. They don’t mind seeing a post on Facebook promoting a business if that post is interesting, human, and honest.

We appreciate the analytics better than most… and we tailor each post a little better each time. But the reality is that the folks who enjoy Paul’s diner also enjoy his posts. They work together because his business is honest food with great ingredients, and that’s pretty much what we strive to get into our Facebook campaigns for clients, too.

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