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Contagious Content

Our Facebook Results: 25% Increase In Business

We know a lot about content creation, and we’re using it for small business as well as larger clients. This is what the owner of a local restaurant had to say about our performance after working with us for a short while:

“Since I started working with DogCat Marketing about 2 months ago, business has been booming. New customers at Two Dog have increased by about 25% and my regular customers have become even more regular.  The FaceBook campaign DogCat has been running for me is pure genius.  The combination of appetite enticing photographs and creative, clever write ups have truly raised our profile and have brought in new customers not only from Longmont, but also surrounding areas.

This sort of marketing campaign truly has immediate, attributable results, and well worth the investment!  I wouldn’t consider using my advertising dollars on anything else.”

-Paul Roberts, Owner, Two Dog Diner

The surprise is not that Paul’s business is doing so well as a result of the campaign we’ve designed for him – the surprise is how straightforward it has been for Paul to manage. He simply tells us a little bit more about his business every time we chat, and the increased depth of knowledge gives us a hook each and every time. Maybe it’s about how great his mom’s Blueberry Pies were, or how Carlos Santana used to frequent his small establishment – in all honesty, it doesn’t matter what the story, as long as it’s real, original, and couldn’t have been written by his competition.

It comes down to the same three words – contagious content creation. People like truth in advertising. They don’t mind seeing a post on Facebook promoting a business if that post is interesting, human, and honest.

We appreciate the analytics better than most… and we tailor each post a little better each time. But the reality is that the folks who enjoy Paul’s diner also enjoy his posts. They work together because his business is honest food with great ingredients, and that’s pretty much what we strive to get into our Facebook campaigns for clients, too.

The Value Of Exceptional Copywriting

The first question that many people ask when they contact us to discuss a new marketing project isn’t about copywriting: it’s “What will it look like?”

But think of your marketing project as someone you meet online for a date. If they’re attractive you might have coffee with them a few times, maybe even drinks. But if their conversation is entirely about their ex-girlfriend, their monster truck or their recovery from alcoholism, chances are you’re going to call it quits pretty quickly.

In other words, looks aren’t everything.

Your copy is your website’s personality.

Copywriting is what engages your customers in a long-term relationship with you.

At DogCat Marketing in Longmont, developing the message and delivering it through compelling, actionable copy is something of a specialty.

Our founder is a genuinely world-class copywriter. Ex-Creative Director of several large advertising agencies, he has won awards such as the UK Business to Business Ad of the Year, and has been the lead writer on brands such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Microsoft in Europe, Pizza Hut, Guinness and Aspen Skiing Company.

Copywriting of that quality doesn’t come cheap. One freelance infomercial from his laptop used to cost his clients upwards of $20,000. Plus a percentage of sales. (Before he realized that writing infomercials made him a soulless monster whose only worth in life was measured in email opens.)

You get his copywriting services included when you work with DogCat Marketing.

That means that your blog posts look as though they’re written for humans… even though every word is chosen to give Google a good reason to index you. It means your home page has a call to action, and a reason to act. It means that your small business gets the same loving wordplay that international banking conglomerates have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to access.

It means that the social media contagious content marketing strategies that we employ reflect your brand and the real people who are behind it. Instead of sounding like a corporate shill, you’ll be able to express yourself as a member of the community – they may be our words, but it’s your philosophy that comes through in our work.

Copywriting is key to the success of a great marketing campaign. Which is why it pays to work with people who have done it for 25 years, and who know that superior writing is persuasive, engaging, and memorable.

Oooh! Oooh! That’s us!


#69 In The World: Contagious Content Marketing

We recently ranked in the Top 100 Community Pages in the world on Facebook – less than seven months after launching The Longmont Compass.

We did it in a small community, with relatively few fans, and with a budget of approximately $11 a day.

And we did it all with one singular focus on creating contagious content that truly engaged our community – without a single repost, or ha-ha lifted from someone else’s page, or shocking Upworthy piece of clickbait. Well, with ONE shocking Upworthy piece of clickbait, but that was just an experiment.

Contagious content creates value.

In a marketplace lacking in trust, we’re honest, we treat our audience as adults, and we don’t fear the fact that sometimes we piss people off. We’re ok with that. The fact is, most businesses are so terrified of upsetting a single customer or onlooker, that they forget that the only real victim of honesty is dishonesty. And we’ve always said that dishonesty in marketing is not actually a good thing. And our honesty has caused our fans to share, share, share!

The Longmont Compass has completely changed the media landscape in Longmont. And the only marketing we’ve done has been on the one site where most people spend most time. We’ve gone from zero to 69th in the world just by being good at creating contagious content people want to read.

We can do that for you too, if you ask nicely.

(The contagious content, that is: breaking the top 100 might be tougher…)


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