Longmont’s Only Digital Marketing Agency With Animals in the Name

Why DogCat Marketing? Because we like dogs, we like cats, and we like marketing.”

This is what it said on our old site, and it’s probably the best explanation. Used to be we’d talk about how cats are independent and fierce and creative while dogs are hard-working and loyal and enthusiastic. We still strive for and exemplify those qualities (even if we’re a little too cat-like from time-to-time), but we’ve left all that extra meaning behind.

Why DogCat, then?

It works. Even if you think, “Isn’t that a cartoon?” it works. You remember us, really. You can search “cat dog marketing” and we’ll still show up.

We’ve spent five years working on a reputation of hard, thoughtful work, and comprehensive support. We’ve built a successful business on our merits. We’ve made DogCat mean scrappy marketing and enthusiastic research and committed service.

This is the secret to our marketing, and when you work with us, it’s the secret to yours: we are real, we are present, and we are active.

We Believe…

Experience Informs

A single project with a real business is a full course in their industry, their market, and their marketing. We've complete hundreds of projects in just about every marketing sector you can name.

Focus Blinds

"You're too close to the work." If you run a business, there's no denying it. You need help from the outside.

Reality Rules

There aren't many businesses who thrive on "the feeling" alone. We find the cold, hard data and listen to the ways we can make it work for your marketing.

Business Demands

Unless you never need to acquire another client, your business won't survive off-line.

Chances Are Fleeting

We remember deciding not to buy when a bitcoin was only $40. In our instant world, even a fifteen-minute fame session lasts a couple of weeks online.

Potentials Distract

There are endless things you "can do", and arguably a sliver fewer things that you "should do." These things usually distract from what you Need To Do.

Our History

It’s short, but it’s long and full of experiences. 

DogCat was founded in 2014 by a trio of fast-paced, creative problem solvers. It evolved and grew out of a hugely successful website design company, Longmont Website Solutions, when we realized the service – and level of service – we were offering  exceeded the mantle of “web design company.”

We were a full-service agency, capable of designing, writing, developing, brainstorming, and executing like a team of twelve, and we were just a few people listening to electronica in an office in downtown Longmont.

Then life happened, opportunities were offered, and DogCat had another evolution. 

“DogCat” became Connor, and we changed the way we do business.

Instead of Don Draper pitching big campaigns, we turned into something a little more useful: a member of our clients’ teams, an eye and an ear on the ground of digital marketing, and the voice of a digital native in a world of digital foreigners.

We have the tools, knowhow, and experience to help a business succeed in a digital-first world.

We’re committed to not saying “No,” unless we’d bankrupt you or ourselves in the process.

We want to help businesses navigate the siren-filled channels of the online world, without breaching on the rocks.

We’re bleedingly fast, responsive, and adaptable. Give us a challenge, and we’ll take it on, or find you someone better for it. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Based on 13 reviews.
David Lewis
David Lewis
Connor and his team are fantastic! He is timely, courteous and responsive to our companies ever changing needs. Be sure to check out the awesome new tracker for BrewHop Trolley thanks to Connor!
Prideful Wellness, LLC
Prideful Wellness, LLC
Kind, patient, and professional! Will definitely be using Dogcat for future design needs!
Elisabeth Berg
Elisabeth Berg
They created my website so much faster than I thought possible, and everyone on the team has been so easy to work with! It’s easy to navigate around the website, and I love it! 😉
Brandi Jaye
Brandi Jaye
We hired Connor at DogCat to restore our company website after our last website designer had left us with a serious mess. He got us back on track quickly, made some design changes and our rankings are now moving back up to where they should be. We love that Connor listens to what we want, has really great ideas, and everything is always done super quickly. We highly recommend DogCat!
Rachel Hunter
Rachel Hunter
I cannot recommend Connor highly enough. His kindness surpasses all business professionals I have worked with and his patience and getting needs met in a timely manner far exceed the norm. I honestly feel very blessed to have stumbled into having his help on my website. He is definitely educated in understanding the administrative backend of building websites. He is so fast! It's been very comforting working with him through this journey of my career and learning as I go with molding the website and figuring out how to best represent myself through that avenue. He is a great great help. Way more than 5 stars.
Gretchen G
Gretchen G
Working with Connor has been a pleasure but I must say I was a bit hesitant at our first encounter. We met in hole of a basement coffee house where I felt I should have seen Tom Waits sitting in a back corner drinking Bourbon out of a rusty flask. Having no clue about website designers I chose Connor because I used to watch a cartoon called Catdog. I told Connor what I wanted out of my website, not only did he destroy my old clunky website he created a beautiful website that I could not have imagined. Not only did he create a beautiful website he created it quickly. It's been 6-7 months since he built my website and I decided I wanted to change some content on the website, he made the changes almost immediately. I am very happy, use DogCat.
Wonderful experience with great people. Very professional and thorough. Worked with our concept to create a functional, easy to navigate and aesthetically visual website. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to increase brand identification, and expand their business.
Martha L
Martha L
The Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest is grateful for John, Connor and Laura. Jon provided outstanding support through social media - advising our own efforts, as well as helping us to boost new posts on Facebook. The visibility and action were excellent. Connor and Laura not only supported the marketing efforts, they also came to STEAM Fest and supported the event throughout the entire weekend. Their exhibit was jam-packed and one of the most popular areas in the entire event.
Julie Cardinal
Julie Cardinal
I own a small business (the DARKROOM Gallery in Longmont). As many of you may know, getting a small business up and running is quite the task. Marketing is obviously quite important to get the word out and finding the RIGHT marketing firm to do that is key. In Jon and the rest of the amazing DogCat team, I have finally found the RIGHT marketing firm. Prior to DogCat, I was using a firm out of Denver who were far from up to snuff and treated me like a number…a dollar sign, let's just say. Since switching to DogCat I could not be more pleased with the results…and they really care about making my business successful! Through the amazing website DogCat built for me and the even more amazing social media campaign they are running for me, the DARKROOM is finally "on the map"! My traffic and sales have improved significantly and I truly owe that to the DogCat team. I like to think of Jon, Laura and the rest of the DogCat team as marketing super-heroes! If you want to put your business "on the map" (and why wouldn't you!), DogCat is the way to go! Julie Cardinal the DARKROOM longmont
Erin Helzer
Erin Helzer
I have been working with Jon, Connor, and Laura with DogCat Marketing while they have built a brand new website for Visit Longmont. I have been impressed with their professionalism, quick response to questions and problems, and sense of humor. They have done a fantastic job bringing our website into the 21st Century, creating special menus due to our unique needs, and incorporating LOTS of information into our new and improved website. The DogCat team is great to work with - highly recommended! Thanks for everything!