People talk. Give them something to talk about.

Unless you trade in cute kittens, better generate some content that engages your audience.

Sharing Is For Suckers
Every time you create a social media post that simply replicates somebody else's work, you're telling your audience that they're not worth your effort.

Maybe you're not a designer, or a writer, or a technology buff. Your audience doesn't care.

They care that you take the time and trouble to communicate with them personally. They care that you share your thoughts, not somebody else's. In fact, if they care at all, it's because you've given them a reason to do so.

We're your Huckleberry. We help you express your personality, your business, your offer. And we are really, really, damn good at it.


Death Valley, CA: running at 125F

Fear is the enemy of progress. Adventurous marketing demands passion and belief. It helps to be a little weird, too.

DogCat Marketing: A Viral Project

Every year, Jon, Laura and Connor visit Death Valley in July so that they can sprint a mile in the withering heat... dressed as Darth Vader. Yes, really. Check this out if you don't believe us.

A couple of years back, the Darth Valley Challenge made global news headlines when the heat reached 129.2F, a June world record. Jon finished the mile in 6:36 that year.


Disruption doesn't happen without change.

Disruption is a function of change. If marketing doesn't change something, why do it?

Disruptive Marketing

Conforming to a practiced paradigm will kill your business. Plain and simple. Maybe it works for Coca-Cola... but you're probably not Coca-Cola.

We have an operating policy at DogCat Marketing: never play by rules that don't let you win.

If your business is an underdog, change the ground that the market leader has to fight on. If you're pricier than your competitors, change the story to hammer home your value. If you're a startup with little marketing cash, talk to us about investing in your success.


But clients don't have to be the wind. And you don't have to be the tree.

Lead or be led. Growth companies create followers through contagious marketing.

"Build It, And They Will Come."
No, they won't.

We've seen too many business owners follow their folly. They take their passion, they invest their money and they make it a reality... and then they wait for others to share in their excitement.

It doesn't work.

There is no such thing as passive marketing. If you want customers, go get them. Invade their consciousness. Drag them off the street. Be unmissable.

We seek companies and individuals who have ambitious plans. We enjoy the challenge of growing your business. Maintaining your market share, on the other hand? We can recommend a few names.


We do.

If you're not an expert, work with someone who is.

"Know Thyself."
The name of our business is a reflection of our own commitment to this philosophy.

Jon is the cat. Creative, independent, curious, off the leash. Laura is the dog. Loyal, hard-working, focused, committed.

That's why she heads up account services, and he's the Chief Creative Officer.

And it's why we have an accountant. And a lawyer. And a payroll service. Those aren't our strengths, so we work with experts.

The fact is, everybody thinks they can use Facebook, because they have a personal account. What we do with Facebook is the difference between what most people do in a car every day, and what Mario Andretti used to do every Sunday. We do things with social media, marketing and advertising that you can't do. It's just our field of expertise.


One sale. Then two. Then ten. Then a thousand.

We promise solid, thoughtful, creative marketing. Because that's what we deliver.

Start with something.

Our advertising has changed businesses overnight. But in general, marketing takes time, commitment, patience, analysis.

The best marketing results are those that have longevity.

We work at building long-term awareness and a powerful motivation to engage with your brand. Our goal is to create sustainable marketing efforts that give you a foothold in your market, or that position you as a contender in a new one.

That's why our SEO (search engine optimization) is of the highest quality: we know that long beyond many of the marketing campaigns in which we're involved, you'll still be enjoying the fruits of our expertise as your website continues to secure exceptional organic search positioning.


Call (720) 588-2007 for details.


It takes more than catchy slogans and wit to write successfully for your company… we take on your voice, and speak for you. And we do it pretty darn well.


True SEO is built into your website. All those calls you field from people who claim to get you to the top of the Google rankings? Total B.S.

Social Media

We don’t just “do” social media, we live and breathe social media. We built the 69th most-engaged community page in the world on Facebook in eight months… and our contagious content is unsurpassed.

Web Design

We’re experts in Web Design, with a portfolio of over 50 sites in our first year in business. Our websites are functional, attractive, mobile-friendly, and built to sell.


From problem to solution, we take your marketing and make it work. From traditional media to social platforms, we’ve got marketing covered.

Recent DogCat Marketing Work

We’re a Longmont marketing and advertising agency that specializes in creating contagious content for social media and marketing projects.

We believe that original, intelligent, thought-provoking marketing work provokes a reaction.

We capitalize on that reaction and turn it into customer engagement – and from there, into a sale or other positive outcome.

Also, we like dogs and cats. Go figure.

  • Longmont Cleaning was a small business marketing and website development client for us at DogCat Marketing

    Longmont Cleaning: Small Business Marketing

    Small business marketing is important to us – we’re one ourselves – and we enjoy the opportunity to help create a brand for our local community startups.

  • DogCat Marketing in Longmont developed this services website for Blue Skies Massage and spa.

    Blue Skies Massage

    This website boasts a clean and contemporary look; it’s content-rich, but not text-heavy.

  • This site was a Colorado marketing endeavor between tourist authorities across the front range.

    Colorado Front Range

    A collaborative project between half a dozen tourist authorities across the Front Range, including Boulder, Greeley, Fort Collins, Longmont, Estes Park and Loveland.

  • The Lyons Art on the Green website was an exercise in marketing the arts online.

    Lyons Art on the Green

    We sponsored this celebration of creativity in our neighboring town by building a website at no charge, because we value marketing the arts.

  • Craft Cheese: Not for Squares

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on October 27, 2014 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    Craft Cheese: Not for Squares Connor Magyar   Photographers demand that we shout it to make us smile. It can be used to describe any instance of wordplay that we at The Compass employ. And a healthy…

  • A social media marketing success - The Longmont Compass and DogCat Marketing

    Longmont Compass: Social Media Marketing

    The Longmont Compass is one of our largest ongoing branding and social media marketing exercises, and has grown by over 100% every quarter since launch.

  • Five Great Dates in Longmont

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on November 10, 2014 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    Five Great Dates in Longmont Connor Magyar   The snow is finally here. We’re in for five months of blustering winds, swaths of frosted grass, and those bone-chilling days that shine bright with the winter sun.  With…

  • DogCat Marketing performed a website update for Visit Longmont, Longmont's tourist authority.

    Visit Longmont Website Update

    Our city’s ambitious tourist authority wanted to take control of their content, so we redeveloped their site in WordPress from scratch.

  • 3D Treecare small business website was designed and built by DogCat Marketing

    3D Tree Care

    3D Tree Care’s website is a modern, image heavy website with substantial copywriting.

  • Wicked Juju: Left Hand Brewing Company

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on October 21, 2014 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    Wicked Juju: Left Hand Brewing Company Connor Magyar   There’s good beer, there’s great beer, and then there’s the beer that will blindside you with complex and balanced flavors on a random Monday afternoon. One such beer…

  • The Art of Cheese was an eCommerce site that radically affected the business development.

    The Art of Cheese

    The Art of Cheese was an eCommerce project that makes it easy for customers to sign up for cheesemaking classes.

  • A Craft Community: Local Music with The Prairie Scholars

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on November 21, 2014 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    A Craft Community: Local Music with The Prairie Scholars Connor Magyar   Longmont is a town with its eye on music. We have more than twenty venues in town that host live music, six independent music…

  • the DARKROOM – The Modern Photography Website

    Julie liked us so much she joined the company! After seeing what we did to drive business to her photography website, she decided to work with us part-time.

  • The 5 Phases of Every Colorado Winter

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on January 14, 2015 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    The 5 Phases of Every Colorado Winter Connor Magyar   “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes!” Maybe it’s just me, but that particular snippet of pseudo-wisdom seems to come up in a Colorado…

  • Industrial Website design by DogCat Marketing

    N Line Electric: Industrial Website Design

    An industrial website for a mid-size company specializing in the oil and gas industry.

  • Still Cellars: A Small and Mighty Set-Up

    This post originally appeared on the Longmont Compass on August 25, 2014 and is solely for portfolio purposes.    Still Cellars: A Small and Mighty Set-Up Connor Magyar   On the walls of bustling and busy coffee shops you will find framed pieces of a person’s soul. Draped over the metal sides of once-unsightly electrical boxes…

  • A Florae: wedding website developed by DogCat Marketing in Longmont.

    A Florae – The New Wedding Website

    From logo design to gallery creation, a beautiful wedding website that showcases Rachel’s remarkable talent for wedding flowers.

  • Image of kid on on sled for Longmont's Best Sledding Hills

    Longmont’s Best Sledding Hills

    Longmont’s Best Sledding Hills Connor Magyar   Two evenings ago I was sitting on my back porch in a T-shirt drinking lemonade and listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. I was celebrating the end of Winter, as I tend to do every few weeks from October to May. This morning I woke…

  • Second N Line Electric site for DogCat Marketing

    N Line Electric: Our Second Site

    A second-generation site for a mid-size industrial electrical contracting firm.

  • Hotbox Roasters, the Oskar Blues coffee company, are one of our startup marketing clients.

    Hotbox Roasters

    Working with Hotbox Roasters was an exercise in startup marketing… and in unleashing some of our pent-up creativity!

The DogCat Marketing Method

Contagious Content Marketing is not simply viral.

Relying on virality is the marketing equivalent of playing Russian Roulette with five loaded chambers. While the idea of one-to-many is noble and desirable, the truth is that millions of YouTube videos go unnoticed, and millions of Tweets go unheard – despite the best efforts of their creators.

When we think of virality – Grumpy Cats, Ice Bucket Challenges and so on – we only think of the winners. We can’t imagine the innumerable losers, because they never even enter our consciousness.

Virality relies on the unexpected.

Contagious Content Marketing carefully manages the expectation. It lives in the real world, where communication is primarily one-to-few.

Creating content that engages your audience on a personal level, so that they bring your brand to the attention of their social spheres, is a challenge few agencies ever live up to.

But at DogCat Marketing, that’s precisely what we do. We create customers from lean media spends, because they like the way we – and you – do business with them.

We Listen

(It surprises our clients)

You never know what a client might say. Sometimes it's really interesting.

  • We actually listen to your goals, your challenges, your opportunities and your expectations
  • We confirm or question your research assumptions
  • We identify further audience opportunity and customer segmentation
  • We create a pricing model that works for your unique business
  • We view “marketing” as every interaction with a customer, so we design our program around positive touchpoints

We Build

From construction to conversion.

If it has pixels, dots, or letters, we're your creative team.

  • We develop your messaging for the relevant audience(s) and narrow it for successful content marketing
  • We create the copy platform, the tone, and talking points for your product or service
  • We design the graphics and visual identity for maximum impact within pragmatic guidelines
  • We construct a social media framework from which to begin disseminating the message
  • We build a coherent marketing plan that has clear goals, yet which is nimble enough to adjust to rapidly-evolving information

We Execute

Superior engagement.

Our ongoing support creates ongoing business.

  • We develop your messaging for the relevant audience(s) and narrow it for successful content marketing
  • We create the copy platform, the tone, and talking points for your product or service
  • We design the graphics and visual identity for maximum impact within pragmatic guidelines
  • We construct a social media framework from which to begin disseminating the message
  • We build a coherent marketing plan that has clear goals, yet which is nimble enough to adjust to rapidly-evolving information

We Measure

Then you don't mind paying us.

Our goal is to deliver significant and measurable ROI. It's why you'll hire us again.

  • We analyze your ROI based on both time and money for the relevant social media outlets
  • We track every visitor and sale through your website
  • We use ad platforms and analytics that directly influence your decision-making
  • We offer weekly snapshots of your campaign, and in-depth monthly analyses of the entire marketing program
  • We’ll help you prove to investors or buyers that your business has the solid marketing foundation it needs
  • DogCat Marketing rose to the occasion of meeting all my web design needs. I am pleasantly surprised by quality web design and the continued great customer service, I will always be a fan!

    Longmont cleaning service industry advertising DogCat of Longmont
    Chad Hartkopf
    Owner, Longmont Cleaning
  • We just finished our new website and blog with DogCat Marketing and we are very pleased with the results. The work was accomplished quickly and in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

    Advertising testimonial for DogCat Marketing of Longmont CO
    Sophie van Tiggelen
    Marketing, Belgium Cycles
  • Connor Magyar is a ROCK STAR! I couldn’t be happier with the end product, and DogCat Marketing was easy to work with, listened to my needs, made edits quickly, and really EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. Thank you for a job well done!

    Visit Longmont testimonial for DogCat Marketing
    Erin Balling
    Marketing. Visit Longmont
  • A great company to work with. They are very responsive and helpful. I also really appreciated their unique and creative approach to website design. Definitely recommended!

    DogCat Marketing legal and law advertising
    Weston Cole
    Partner, Jung & Kranz Law Firm
  • I could not be more pleased with the working relationship that I had with Connor of DogCat Marketing. Stumbling into meeting him was one of the best things to happen for me and my business. I am extremely grateful for Connor’s help and even in getting to know him. He’s a great person that genuinely wants to help you and he is very good at communicating with you, explaining everything, etc.

    Change your business marketing to extraordinary - as A Florae did
    Rachel Mann
    Owner, A Florae
  • I’ve been working with the DogCat team now for a few months and they are top notch. They are so responsive to my requests and got us up and running in no time. Our new site looks great and is so much more than I had hoped for. Thanks guys!

    Accounting and finance marketing and advertising by DogCat in Boulder County
    Greg Ellis
    Owner, Ellis Bottom Line Bookkeeping
  • Thanks so much for our website, we love it. When I met with them to show me the preliminaries of our site, I was at a loss for words. It was such a relief for me when they mentioned that they would take care of the majority of the text; he has a unique way with the written word!

    Service industry website and marketing by DogCat Advertising Longmont
    Lori Hewitt
    Owner, 3D Treecare
  • I’m so happy I decided to trust my new website to DogCat Marketing! The process was straightforward and painless and the end result was a fabulous and professional website with all the features I had asked for.

    ecommerce and Training website by DogCat Marketing
    Kate Johnson
    Owner, The Art of Cheese
  • A week or so after the website went live, it came up 1st in both Yahoo and Bing search engines! For anyone that wants an affordable, elegant, and unique website with unbeatable search engine optimization, I would strongly recommended seeking out DogCat Marketing first.
    DogCat Marketing - Fitness & Gym testimonial
    David Kemner
    Owner, ETHOS Training
  • Exceptionally talented group. Every business in Longmont (and frankly, anywhere else) should go to these folks first.

    DogCat Marketing testimonial - TinkerMill President Scott Converse
    Scott Converse
    Founder - TinkerMill
  • I worked with DogCat Marketing to develop a comprehensive web marketing strategy. The results were excellent!!! Connor and staff gathered detailed input regarding my business offering and goals. They took this information and transformed my company image into a presence worthy of a much larger company.

    DogCat Marketing - energy and power testimonial
    Brad Johnson
    Owner, Common Cents Energy